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In the Meantime

May 20, 2017

Sometimes, even when things are looking up and the ball is rolling,

we find ourselves in a place where we don't know what to do. 

Our long-term goal is set, but we have yet to fill in "the middle chapter".

There are many ways to keep yourself occupied as an artist.

Here are the top 4 things that I do when i find myself in this situation.

This is going to be a long one.


1. Write short 1 minute jingles

or do music covers and post them on any Social Media Story every Saturday.


















(Of course, this applies to whatever art genre you are involved in.)

If you sketch, sketch something and share it on social media once every week, or month.

If you are a photographer and you don't have Instagram, where have you been?

If you are aspiring to be in the fashion industry, start sketching.

If you are a writer, write little poems and share them once every week. 

Making it a tradition to write Friday poems for example.

Be creative and think in solutions!


2. Make a blog

or update you pre-existing one more frequently.















Anyone can make a blog!

If you're not doing anything "exciting", just post about your own life lessons and things

you've learned in life. It might seem a little self centered in your head, but after all, it's YOUR blog.

You can't sit, stand or lie there and tell me you're reading my blog post because you don't want my opinion on this matter. Also, while i'm on this subject, remember not to be passive with your opinions. Allow yourself to have your own opinions be uninfluenced by other peoples opinions sometimes.


3. Get out of the house, b****!

and try to stay out for at least an hour.
















Yes, I know it's hard if you're not used to this.

Even if you don't have friends to meet, going to town is one of the best ways to clear your mind.

Especially on holidays where all you do is stay in and watch Netflix, or play video-games.

If you're anything like me, you can relate to this!

The thing is, all these distractions will make you feel isolated AF.

We're talking about delusional thoughts of making no progress and just feeling useless.

A nice habit to make is to explore new paths, enter new stores and go down streets you've never been down before. So if you're feeling like you've ran out of opportunities, treat yourself and make some new ones.


4. Make a vision board

so that you can visualize your goals and see the path to get there.












I know, it might sound like a hassle if you can be a lazy piece of work like me. 

And working out has nothing to do with how lazy you are. I work out, but it took me forever to get to making a vision board.  If that sounds like too much, there is a great alternative.

Write a To-Do-List with 3 - 6 short term goals that you want to accomplish by the end of the yearly quarter. This works. I managed to accomplish all but one within 3 month, which is why I've decided to make goals for each quarter instead of each full year. Here's my former goal list which i finished way too soon!


Goals for 2017


1. Get a healthy body.


2. Get my song on the radio.


3. Make friends in the music business.


4. Make more guy friends.


I realistically thought that I wouldn't be able to get radio play, but using The Law of Attraction, I made this dream come true within 3 months of setting the goal! Not only do I get radio play, but the song was also chosen to be the ad theme song for Gló, a vegan friendly restaurant in Iceland. This means that my song was also being played in Cinemas and on TV! The song can be previewed on my home page.


( If you click the "YAS!" GIF, it will take you to the restaurants site! )

I hope this helped!





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