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My Story

I was born in Norman, Oklahoma in the United States in 1998, but moved with my mother to Iceland by age 3 after my parents split. I know that we were broke, but my mom made sure I never experienced it myself. When we first got to Iceland, we lived in a tiny apartment with one bedroom, and my mom slept in the living room for nearly 3 years until she found a stable job and was able to afford a better place. Growing up I was diagnosed with asperger's syndrome and ADHD, and I had to overcome a lot of obstacles, like anger management issues, learning social behaviour, and bullying. People didn't seem to get that I was mentally ill, and blamed me because of that. People treated me like I was incapable of anything, but that just kept me motivated to prove them wrong. Experience is not what happens to you; it's what you do with what happens to you. In my case, i turned that hurt into ambition.